• Keep a Laboratory Notebook – A lab notebook is a factual account of work performed in the laboratory. Here’s what you need to know to keep a well maintained lab book.

  • Make Aspirin – Aspirin, also known as acetyl salicylic acid, is the most widely used drug for self-medication in the world.

  • Make Nylon – What was the first synthetic polymer fiber ever synthesized by man? That’s right, Nylon was invented in 1938.

  • Make Soap – Here is an easy way to make some homemade soap from ordinary vegetable shortening.

  • Measure the Melting Point – Ever wonder how to determine the melting point of something? No? Well, here is an easy way to do it.

  • Reflux – Learn how to accelerate the rate of a chemical reaction.

  • Write a Laboratory Report – Whether you are currently in a high school lab, college, or working on the next cancer drug, you will need to prepare lab reports

  • How to Solder – Learn how to solder circuit boards and plumbing

  • Computers
    Calculate Your Download Speed – Calculator that determines how quickly a file will download from the internet.
    Install a Satellite Dish – A satellite dish can prove to be an excellent alternative to cable television.
    Greek Avgolemono Soup – Also known as avgolemono
    soup, lemon soup, chicken and lemon soup, chicken,lemon and egg soup.
    How to Bake Baklava – How to make a wonderful greek pastry to serve your guests