Learn How to Keep a Proper Laboratory Notebook

A lab notebook is a factual account of work performed in the laboratory.  Each entry should be written immediately when the work is performed and should be signed and dated. Never erase entries. If a mistake is made, cross-out the mistake and date and initial. Be sure to include the following in your lab book.

1. The experiment number and title.

2. A clear, concise statement of what the experiment is intended to accomplish.

3. Balanced equations for all significant reactions, including possible side reactions that might reduce the yield.

4. A table of the reactants, products, solvents, and other chemicals used, listing any physical properties that
may be relevant to the experiment.

5. Calculations of the quantities of reactants and products required and the theoretical yield of product.
6. A list of the chemicals, suppliers, and equipment needed for the experiment.

7. Sketches of any nonstandard apparatus of be used.

8. A checklist, flowchart, or other kind of outline summarizing the procedure.


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