Create a Beautiful Vine Wall Hanging.

Here’s a cute little craft that’s sure to add a little country atmosphere to a
bare spot in your home.


4 bounces on grape vine twigs approximately one foot long.

3 wooden decorative ornament pieces.

2′ of wire.

2 bows made out of a country fabric pattern.

Brown thread.

Glue gun.

Drill with bit.

Nail file.

1. Secure the vines with thread on each end.

2. Paint the wooden ornaments and let dry.

3. After the ornaments are dry, drill a small hole into the tops of each ornament.

4. Using a nail filer, file the ends to give an antique look.

5. String the ornaments with the wooden pieces.

6. In-between each wooden piece, circle the wire around a pencil to form a spiral effect.

7. Secure the wire ends on each end of the grape wine.

8. Form the fabric into bows.

9. Glue the bows on each end of the vine.


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