Easy to Make Stuffed Snowman – Decorate Your Home with Cheer!

Making crafts are a wonderful way to spend a day at home. They bring out the
creativity in a person and give great satisfaction when completed. Here is a little snowman you can make on one
of those days at home. This little guy doesn’t take very long to make and the materials needed should only cost
pennies. Once he is completed, he can be an ornament on a Christmas tree, used to decorate gifts, or he can be
put on the refrigerator by gluing a magnet to his back.


Two 5″ X 5″ pieces of material of your choice (white’s always good) for the body of Mr. Snowman.

1 sheet of black felt.

1 tooth pick.

5 small pieces of broken up asphalt (just pick them out of a driveway paved.

2 twigs shaped in a “Y” (hands).

Small amount of fiber fill to stuff Mr. Snowman.

1 strip of material of your choice for the scarf. It should measure about 1″ X 8″ (fringe the bottom
of the long edges).

Glue gun.

Needle and thread.

Orange paint (you can use nail polish, if you can find orange that is).

Elmers glue.


Pointed object as in a nut opener or a pen that has run out of ink.

1. Order the pattern, or
make your own.

2. Take the material and put the right sides together facing each other. Place the pattern on
the material, pin it, and cut the pattern out.

3. Remove the pattern and re-pin the material. Sew the material together, 1/2″ from the
edge of the material leaving a 1″ opening at the top of the head. This is where the fiber fill is stuffed
to shape Mr. Snowman.

4. Once the material is sewn together, turn the material inside out. A wooden spoon is a good
tool to use to push the material inside out through the head opening. Once the material is inside out, begin stuffing
the fiber fill via the head opening. The wooden spoon can be used here too to push the fiber fill into the body.
Once Mr. Snowman is completely stuffed, sew the opening at the top of the head closed.

5. Cut the pattern out for the hat. The hat can be a little tricky to glue together, but be patient
and it will turn out fine.

6. Using Elmers glue, put a thin coating around the perimeter of the small circle (top of the
hat). Take the strip of black felt and glue the long edge to the perimeter of the hat going all around. Then glue
the edge down together of the long strip. This will form the top hat.

7. Now put a thin coat of glue around the perimeter of the bottom of the long strip (top hat),
which is now circular. Place the top of the hat on the brim (larger circle). Try to line it up even so the brim
is the same size all around. Let dry.

8. Once the hat is dry, using a pair of scissors, cut a round opening in the bottom of the hat,
so that it can be placed on Mr. Snowman. The easiest way to do this is to bend the hat in such a way that an “x”
is cut out. Then simply insert the scissors in the opening and cut around.

9. Cut the tooth pick to measure about 1/2″ and paint it orange. Let it dry.

10. Time to decorate Mr. Snowman. With the pointed object, push a hole into the side of the middle
body part between the seem. The opening is being created so that the arms (twigs) can be easily inserted.

11. With a hot glue gun, put a small amount of glue in the opening and insert the arm. Follow
the same procedure on the other arm.

12. Now glue the top hat onto Mr. Snowman.

13. Using judgment, decide where the nose should go. Use the pointed object and create a small
hole opening for the nose. Put a small amount of glue in the opening and then insert the tooth pick.

14. All that’s left to do is glue three buttons on the center base of Mr. Snowman and glue his
two eyes on (us the small pieces of asphalt). Wrap the scarf around his neck and tie. To keep the scarf from moving
around, glue it to the body of Mr. Snowman.

15. To hang him from a Christmas tree, simply sew a loop into the top of the hat and use an ornament
hook. Another idea is to glue a small magnet to the back of Mr. Snowman. This way he can be attached to the refrigerator
at home or on a file cabinet at work.



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