Easy to Make, Customizable Holiday Gift Tag

A beautifully wrapped gift can be enhanced by adding a pretty hand made “to”
and “from” gift tag. You are not going to believe how easy they are to make. Furthermore, you can customize
them to match the wrapping paper or the season. These cute little tags can also be used as Christmas tree ornaments.


Fabric with small ornament prints that can be cut out and are sized for a gift tag.

Another fabric that matches the theme for the backing of your gift tag.

Double sided transfer webbing.

Cross stitch floss.

1. Cut out the face of the print you want to use for your gift tag as well as the backing material
and the transfer webbing.

2. Insert the webbing in-between the two inner sides of the material.

3. Preheat your iron.

4. Be sure that none of the webbing is exposed beyond the material to avoid damage to the iron. However, to be
absolutely sure the iron does not get damaged, place a napkin under and over the gift tag to protect the iron.

5. Press the gift tag with the iron until the webbing is glued and attached to both sides of the material.

6. Let the gift tag cool for a few minutes.

7. Once the gift tag is cooled, cut the ornament out leaving approximately 1/8th of an inch exposed.

8. Tie off the ornament with cross stitch floss.

9. Using a colored thin marker, print the words “to” and “from” on the gift tag.
10. That\’s it! These are very easy to make and do not take very much time once you get started. They can be used
on Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, or virtually any occasion. The trick is to find the fabric that matches the
theme. Have Fun!

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