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Learn How to Draw A Cartoon

Whether you are dreaming of becoming a great cartoonist or seeking to give your own imagination a creative outlet, knowing how to draw cartoons is a creative way of expressing your creativity and knowing the world around you. Drawing cartoon is akin to drawing any object or character by pencil or brush. Although drawing cartoon is a born quality but the vital point is that, the artist should have a good sense of humor and knowledge about comic expression in the character.

Students who are interested may go for a lessen session for brief guides on cartoon drawing material, techniques, simple tips and creative process that will help the kids gain information on how to draw cartoons. With few basic art supplies and easy systematic lessons, you can learn the basics of drawing cartoon characters at ease. Remember the easiest way to start drawing cartoon is a readymade kit where all the drawing materials and accessories are widely available.

Some steps on how to draw cartoons

Cartoons are fun to read and watch. To begin learning how to draw cartoons, you will need a few basic drawing supplies including a pencil, paper, pen, eraser, a felt-tip pen, sharpener and more. If you aspire to become the next Walt Disney or just want to draw something precise to liven up your blog, here are some handpicked steps to help you gain knowledge on how to draw cartoons.

To start learning how to draw cartoons, at first, you need to choose a suitable medium, and then decide on the main characters. Think of the features that those characters comprise. Quite often cartoon exaggerate certain features. Then start with sketch work. If you are aiming to draw cartoon strip its good to concentrate on proper planning. Select your main character without worrying about things getting perfect. It is better to draw something than agonizing over exact positioning.

Another main step in knowing how to draw is adding color. Color gives variety for people to look at and helps to bring the cartoon to life. Feel free to use crayons, colored pencils or markers or can even try watercolors or chalk. Start by adding the main colors, darker colors to areas that would be in less light or shadows. After shading, you need to concentrate on highlighting, as that will make your cartoon drawing more realistic. After completing all such things just takes time and then think about a perfect caption that will make your cartoon more lively and meaningful.

So as a budding cartoonist, if you follow these smaller steps or pieces one by one then you would be amazed by your progress on how to draw cartoons starting from smiling cartoon baby to robot cartoon in action.


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