save voicemail permanently

How to Save Voicemail Permanently

How many times have you wanted to save a voicemail message to play back later? Maybe it’s that adorable message from a grandchild that delights you every time you hear his or her voice. Or your sweetheart calling from a war zone. Or a client calling with some significant information you know you’ll need again later.

How to save voicemail permanently was once a matter of popping a fresh cassette tape into the old answering machine and keeping the cherished one away from any magnetic fields or moisture that might erase or damage it. The only trouble with this method is that, before long, a large collection of tapes appeared and required a great deal of time and attention to categorize. And there’s the storage space needed, too.

Today, however, how to save voicemail permanently depends upon your choice of several technologies. Perhaps the easiest way to save these verbal gems is to send the message from your cell phone to your email account, where you can keep it on file in cyberspace forever.

How to save voicemail permanently doesn’t stop there, however. Perhaps you need to play that message in a setting where a computer is unavailable or cumbersome, such as a courtroom, family reunion, or maybe at that grandbaby’s wedding. It’s possible to export the message saved on the computer to a CD or MP3 player, making transportation easy.

How to save voicemail permanently also means using voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology as your telephone system. You can use headphones plugged into your computer and make that your entire telephone system, meaning every conversation is recorded and you can delete easily anything you don’t want to save. You can even get VoIP for your traditional telephone, too.

Using recording software and hardware to connect your traditional telephone to your computer is another option when considering how to save voicemail permanently. This method is a little more costly to get started using, requires some setting up that some people find frustrating but it keeps your telephone calls feeling like the calls you’re used to.

Another option for how to save voicemail permanently is to simply hire an .mp3 service to convert your telephone calls from voicemail to CD for safekeeping.

Of course, as the demand for permanently saving voicemail grows, the technological options are sure to grow just as rapidly. If the right option hasn’t yet been identified to suit your needs or preferences, just be patient. It probably won’t be long until there are new options from which to choose.

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