Learn how to clean your computer.

Be nice to your computer by giving it a good cleaning every once in awhile.

1. A dust free area is of utmost importance.

2. Start with the monitor, which is a virtual magnet for lint and dust particles. Use a screen cleaner (or ordinary household rubbing alcohol) available
at your local computer store. These are designed to remove dust, lint, oily fingerprints, and other gunk without
scratching or streaking the polarized surface.

3. Give your keyboard a regular dusting by turning it upside down and blasting between and under
keys with a can of compressed air. Wipe off the keys with a slightly damp cloth or cotton swabs. Never spray any
liquid cleaner directly on the keyboard.

4. Once a month, examine the fan on the back of the computer. A buildup of dust and lint on the
fan is a sign that it’s also inside your computer.

5. Unplug the system, pop the top and clean the dust out. Use a mini vacuum made specifically
for cleaning computers which you can find at your local store or catalogue. Do not touch any of the chips and other
electronic components. A can of compressed air is very helpful to clean out areas where your vacuum cleaner can’t
reach. Do not use any liquid cleaner inside your system. Be careful not to knock any wires loose inside the case.
You won’t have to do this to your computer more than once or twice per year.

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