Burn A DVD

Learn How to Burn a DVD on Your Computer

Understanding how to burn a DVD is an easy task. Just like a CD, it can be copied, recorded or burned. DVD is an abbreviation for digital videodisc. Before you go to burn a DVD, make sure what kind of DVD it is. The process of burning a DVD depends on its type. Data DVD, commercial DVD and Multimedia Files in a DVD are three common DVDs that you can burn. If you are a techie, knowledge of how to burn a DVD should be within your grasp.

How to burn a DVD with data

Burning a DVD with normal everyday data is the easiest of all. You require only DVD burning software that is compatible with your DVD writer to burn ordinary data like documents, database files, spreadsheets and general backup files. It does not require any specific software or special decryption.

You may download or purchase DVD burning software titles. Nowadays, computers of different brands are available with such DVD burners installed in them. Choose a type of DATA DVD and then, open up DVD burning software and follow the prompts. It will take less than twenty minutes to burn a DVD of full length that is 4.7 GB data with a high-speed DVD burner.

How to burn a DVD with multimedia files

The process of burning a DVD with multimedia files is almost similar to that of burning regular files. Multimedia files are large enough to include video that is either downloaded from the internet or recorded from your camcorder, digital camera or TV set. Many a time, persons like to copy their wedding tape and convert an old VHS tape to a user friendly DVD.

It is quite easy to burn the multimedia files and giving them a professional touch with the DVD authoring tools is also very easy. This way, you can pass over through a video file adding a menu page or title. It also becomes easy to catalogue TV shows that you have already saved on the hard drive of your computer.

How to burn a DVD with commercial data or copy it

You can make use of DVD burning software to burn copies of DVDs with commercial data. Copying a copyrighted material form stores or libraries is not illegal. You can play it on your computer or the DVD player of your car. Copying a commercial DVD and selling it is illegal in many regions.

The techniques on burning a DVD are many. Apart from a DVD burning software or burner, you should have special software to decode digital right management. You should minimize the file first before you copy data of a commercial DVD for burning. You should meticulously learn how to burn a DVD as a slipshod in the process might cost you dearly.

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