Suggestions and strategies to help you find a new job.

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Most people will change jobs seven times throughout their lives. Whether
you hate your current job, are looking for something completely different, or have been down sized, there are a
few things you can do to make your search successful.


1. First start by asking family members, friends, people that you know in the area and contacts you have made throughout
your career. Networking is your ticket to 80% of the jobs that are never posted.
2. Look at career centers at your local college, or even the high school that you graduated. Everyone that you
come in contact with, ask them if there are any jobs available where they work.

3. Start knocking on doors of any employer, factory, or office that interests you. Dress professionally and bring
your resume. Many times, companies will post jobs internally before placing ads in the newspaper.

4. Check the Web. Thanks to the Web, searching for a job is so much easier.

5. Use the yellow pages. You can identify jobs in your area that will interest you. Call the employers listed and
ask them if there is something available.

6. Do research on the company. Ask people that work for that particular company about their jobs and if they like
the working conditions.

7. Talk to people that are in the field that you are interested in. This is very important. These are the people
who have the inside scoop.

8. Seek out the person who actually has the power to hire you for the job you want.
9. Check with employment agencies. They are very good at finding you work in a specific field or if you are relocating
and are unfamiliar with the area. There are some drawbacks with agencies. They usually charge a hefty finders fee.
But most will charge the employer, not you. Another drawback is that you may be an employee of the agency, so you
may not receive benefits.

10. Attend job or career fairs. This is a good use of your time, because you can meet with several employers at
one place.

11. Consider volunteering. You can gain some great experience that may lead to a full-time job.

12. Make sure you have a great resume. It should be current, truthful, and grammatically correct without any typos.

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