Average Gas Prices

Average Gas Prices

It’s a recurring nightmare many people just don’t want to think about. It’s almost impossible to establish average gas prices these days, with the cost of gasoline rising so sharply so quickly. Seems every day brings news stories of record-breaking prices once again, with the threat of more tomorrow.

And the only thing that seems even more scary than thinking about average gas prices is looking at a chart of average gas prices over the last couple of years. Every point is up, up, up with nary a valley in sight.

Gasoline prices are slightly changed across the country compared to the week before. The national gasoline average is $1.10 above the price this time last year. Diesel fuel is about $.97 above this time last year.


National regular gasoline prices
Price Change from last week
Regular gasoline/gallon
$3.96 ↓ .01
Diesel fuel/gallon
$4.06 ↓ .04
Regional regular gasoline prices
East Coast
$3.95 0
—New England
$4.05 ↑ .01
—Central Atlantic
$3.99 ↓ .01
—Lower Atlantic
$3.89 ↑ .01
$3.97 ↓ .01
Gulf Coast
$3.82 ↑ .01
Rocky Mountain
$3.76 ↑ .03
West Coast
$4.12 ↓ .03
$4.22 ↓ .04

Source: Energy Information Administration, 5/16/11. Figures rounded to the nearest cent.

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