Winter Driving

Tips for driving safely on winter snow and ice

If you live in an area where winter can hamper your driving safety, make sure to pay attention
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1. A fully trained technician, or yourself, can inspect the components of your car crucial for winter driving,
such as battery, brakes, alternator, cooling system, oil, belts, hoses and tires.

2. During inclement weather, don’t forget to put your lights on. It makes it easier for other
cars to see you.

3. Watch for slippery spots called glare ice. These may appear on an otherwise clear road in
shaded areas.

4. If you see a patch of ice ahead, brake before reaching it, not while actually on the ice.

5. Use extra caution in bad conditions. Life in the slow lane is a lot safer. Stay at least three
times the normal following distance. Brake sooner and more gently than you would on dry pavement.

6. The safest part of the road is the track of the vehicle ahead of you.

7. Avoid sudden moves, abrupt changes in direction and slamming on your brakes. This could cause
you to spin out of control. If you start to skid, take your foot off the gas pedal.and try to steer your car in
the direction you wish to go.

8. When the tires regain their grip, steer just enough the other way to prevent counter skid.

9. Maintain your tires by keeping the proper air pressure and making sure the tread is in good
shape. It’s a good idea to keep a survival kit in the car, such as an ice scraper, stiff brush jumper cables, rock
salt or kitty litter for traction, window washer fluid and a sturdy flat board to give your car jack firm support
if needed.

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