How To Drift

Learn How to Drift Your Car

If you are learning how to drive then you must also be interested to know how to drift the car. Drifting is a driving technique, where the car slides at an angle, with its side moving along the turn.

Steps to learn how to drift a car

You need to find a car that has both a manual transmission and a rear-wheel-drive. It will be best to have a sports car that is very close to a 50/50 ratio. The car should also have enough power so that it allows the car to keep spinning.

Drive to an area that has an empty parking lot and see if the place is free from police, pedestrians and motorists.

There is a technique regarding hand brake. You need to move into a gear after accelerating with space to get revolving. The second gear permits the widest variance of speed and fabulously harnesses the engine’s torque. Next, you need to push in the clutch.

What follows in knowing how to drift, is to flick the steering wheel towards the inside of the turn in a manner that you were going to turn around it, and at the same time, you will have to pull the hand brake. Then you have to apply some pressure on the gas pedal and leave the clutch and steer the car towards the slide; you will need to use the throttle for controlling the angle of the drift.

More throttle, will mean that the car will be turning more and shifting away from the turn center. Whereas, less throttle will mean that the angle is reduced and this will allow the car to move to the inside of the turn more freely. If you can follow these steps properly, you already know how to drift.

Things you must know to learn how to drift

You can start with the technique of drift in rain, as this will allow you to practice at slower speeds. Once you know the way, how to drift a car, you can gradually get yourself familiar with the different techniques that are there for drifting cars. Drifting seems to be fun but on the road it may be risky, so avoid doing it on the roads. It is also not a safe idea to drive faster than you can handle when drifting the car.

Remember that you need to be very cautious when learning to drift your car. If you do it by being careful, then you will end up having loads of fun. Learn how to drift with care.

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