Emergency Repair Kit

How To Create an Emergency Repair Kit for Your Car

Whether you use it or not, a well stocked emergency kit will bring peace
of mind on car trips. Here are a few items you may need.

1. Drive belt. A replacement of the type used for your make of car. Emergency fan belts are also available, but
are not recommended. They do not last long and may be awkward to fit.

2. Fuses. One or two of each type of fuse used in your make of car.

3.Light bulbs. Packaged sets are available for different makes.

4. Spark plug. One of the type suitable for your car. You do not need to carry a complete set, because it is rare
for all to fail at once.

5. Wire. A length of heavily insulated wire of the type used between the coil, distributor cap and spark plugs.
Carry a length equal to the longest wire in your car, and any tools you will need to install it. Also useful for
tying a loose bumper or muffler.

6. Duplicate ignition key kept it in a hidden magnetic box which can be fixed to the outside of the car.

7. Can of fuel. Carry this only in remote areas where you may be cut off from a gas station. Replace every three
months or so. Gas quality deteriorates in time.

8. Tools. A straight-blade and a Phillips screwdriver; a circuit tester; wrenches of the sizes most common for
your car (standard or metric); vice grips for loosening bolts that are stuck; spark plug wrench.

9. Heavy duty flashlight with working batteries.

10. Radiator sealant. If you spring a small leak, just pour into the radiator (once it cools).

11. Strong adhesive tape and insulating tape.

12. Tire inflators. These commercially sold cans of compressed air and sealant are useful if you get a flat tire
and have difficulty changing a wheel.

13. Magnet for retrieving small metal parts dropped into inaccessible areas.

14. Jumper cables. Useful for getting a start from another car if your battery is dead. When you use jumper cables,
always follow the procedure spelled out in your owner’s manual.

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