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Competition between airlines is fierce. Always has been, probably always will. Therefore,
it is your duty to follow some simple guidelines that will save you money when looking to fly to your favorite

1. Check the internet for special fares. But also call the airlines to verify pricing. Often times
the best deals are still over the phone.

2. Do the reverse of what other travelers do. Buy airfare and hotel rooms during off peak seasons,
when rates are lower.

3. Plan vacations so you can take advantage of weekend specials in urban areas and midweek specials
in resort areas.

4. Be flexible about the dates and time you travel and the airports you use.

5. Consider taking trips that involve changing planes. They are cheaper and often do not take
that much longer.

6. Be flexible about the airline you use, and don’t be fixated on using frequent-flier miles.
A thousand frequent-flier miles is worth only about $10 in free travel. Usually, the free tickets offered are full
of restrictions.

7. Join every airlines frequent-flier program, even if you fly infrequently. Joining is easy
and it’s free. It allows you to receive mailings advertising private sale fares.

8. Register at each airlines Web site to receive email about special savings.














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