Learn How to Fly comfortably

Although modern airplanes are a marvel of engineering achievement, they
are generally not very comfortable. Here are some tips to help make your flight more enjoyable.


1. Choose your flight schedule carefully. Check the time zones and plan to arrive at your destination
late in the afternoon or early in the evening, local time, so that you can get to bed shortly after arrival.

2. Plan to arrive early at the airport and give yourself plenty of time to get there. More heart
attacks occur at airports than during flight. This is due to passengers panicking on late arrivals.

3. If you have a choice of seats, try to get as far forward on the plane as possible. The ride
is more comfortable. If you ever wondered why first class compartments are always at the front, now you know.

4. Your second choice should be a seat near the wings. The plane is more stable with less front
and back rocking motion. Noise and vibration tend to be worst near the tail.


1. Always wear casual, loose fitting clothes and shoes for the flight.

2. Sitting upright for long hours may cause stomach, ankles and feet to swell, making tight fitting
clothes uncomfortable.

3. Carry a comfortable sweater to slip on or off. Cabin temperatures may change even on a short
flight. On a longer flight, climatic conditions may vary enormously.

4. If the flight you are on allows smoking, avoid it. Smokers are more adversely affected by
high altitudes than non-smokers. Tobacco smoke hinders the body’s ability to absorb oxygen.

5. Make a point of drinking plenty of liquids before and during a long flight. At high altitudes,
the aircraft cabin is extremely dry. The best drinks are water and fruit juice.

6. Avoid alcohol, it dehydrates the body. Coffee and tea also tend to dehydrate, so drink them

7. Aircraft meals may not be the kind found in first class restaurants, but it is still nutritious.
If you do not want to eat, then drink plenty of juice or water.

8. Sleep as much as you can on long flights. Even dozing or taking short naps will help to minimize
jet lag.

9. Travel sickness is rarely experienced today on large jet aircrafts. They rapidly penetrate
bad weather and cruise high above any clouds. The effects of motion and acceleration are minimal.

10. If you are prone to travel sickness, try to get a seat away from the windows.

11. If you use motion sickness pills, take the first dose 30 minutes before takeoff, and others
at recommended intervals thereafter. Never drink alcohol if you are taking pills such as antihistamines. They also
cause drowsiness, and should be avoided if you plan to drive at the end of the flight.

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