Top 9 Free Forklift Apps You Didn’t Know Existed!

Smartphone apps have made it quite easy for us to access information on the go. And this does not limit us to the conventional materials we need to know. Although the vast majority of apps have to do with the everyday things we do, there are apps that are especially catered to a number of industries and their services.

Considering that the app market is teeming with so many different apps, which in some instances are similar, it can be hard to select which ones to download. Here is a list of some forklift Android apps that can help you with your daily work and you were probably unaware that they existed.



forklift-internationalThe app offers a great functionality when looking for the right forklift for your needs. You can easily sort or select the appropriate forklift which can be stored and viewed anytime in your parking lot (shopping cart).


This app is a total package for those who are looking to purchase a forklift because it offers an overview of machine data, including pictures (so you can check the forklift parts). It gives you information about equipment detail along with the actual location of the forklift. Additionally, you can park (save) the forklift which interests you and review them when you have time to.

 BS Forklifts

BS Forkliftbs-forkliftss is an online inventory management app which shows actual machines in stock. The app offers a detailed description about available forklifts and includes photos, age, condition, and capacity. The app is also updated to give you notifications when there is an inventory of new items.



phlThe easy to navigate and simple app can be ideal when looking for a used forklift in the market. It has an extensive up to date listing of stocks available along with machine specifications and photos.



Beech Forklifts Ltd

beech-forklifts-ltdBeech Forklifts is a great app when looking to lease and hire forklift machines. The app gives you a list of forklifts from diesel, gas, or electrically run forklifts, and has a lot of stock used forklifts. The app also has a section for repair services as well as various trainings related to forklift operations.



Forklift Inspection

forklift-inspectionForklift Inspection is a management app which is good for conducting routine inspections. The app provides a template so you do not have to drag your devices with you. The app can be used for mechanical as well as visual inspections of forklifts including the most easily damaged parts. The app allows specification of problems including minor damages involving the forklift seat, forklift seat belt and the forklift mirrors. Reports can be saved locally on the device, saved as a PDF form, or can be shared via email.

Hyster Forklifts North America

hyster-forklifts-north-americaThis interactive app offers a great deal of information about Hyster Forklifts and gives you an idea when choosing the best forklift to do the job. The app also shows a product description where you can check for Hyster forklift parts and other components. It has a section where you can check for the nearest dealers and where you can acquire Hyster forklifts and Hyster parts. Developed by Hyster-Yale Group, the app is a dependable resource when you need the right Hyster forklift to do the job.

Kalmar Forklift

kalmar-forkliftKalmar has been a leading brand offering quality forklifts in the industry. The app gives a view of Kalmar Forklift Truck range including pictures that can be shared. Brochures for a specific forklift can also be downloaded within the app and also includes the latest videos and news about Kalmar Forklifts. The app offers both an online and offline functionality.

TMHA Forklift Service App

tmha-forklift-service-appThe Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) is a support app where service and repair can be logged. Forklift operators can use the app to report any problems with their Toyota Forklift parts with a detailed description and photos of the problem involving their forklift operations.



Forklift Load Center Estimator

forklift-load-center-estimatorCSL Safety Forklift Load Center Estimator is designed to help forklift operators estimate the load capacity of their forklifts. This easy to use app is intended to help operators with their lifting estimation needs by doing the math on the app rather than manually.

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