How To Kiss

Learn How to Kiss Passionately

No one likes kissing someone with BAD BREATH! Learn what the cure is here!

A kiss is the most intimate feeling that two lovers share and so it is important to highlight the most important question ‘how to kiss’. Kiss cannot be defined in words, but many people experience anxiety when having their first kiss. So if you want to enjoy a picture-perfect kiss, then know the right approach and method on how to kiss that can turn things in your favor.

A few tips on how to kiss

First, the most important thing is to try to be kissable as much as possible. Chapped and hard lips are not welcomed at all and so make sure that your lips are soft, just prior to kissing. More so, avoid kissing if you are having bad breath. Breath mints are highly appreciated when it comes to dispelling bad breath. Avoid kissing when you are starving or when your mouth is dry and make sure that you do not drink anything colored that can leave a ring round your mouth.

The best advice that you can receive on how to kiss, is to wait for the right moment. Remember that there is no hurry for a kiss, until and unless your partner is ready to give in. If your partner is not yet ready to confide, then do not push things too hard, since that can turn the matter worse. Have a gentle conversation, while you wait for the right moment to kiss the tender lips and when the moment appears, pull your partner softly in your arms and kiss her softly. However, in case she hesitates, then do not force the matter any more. Because her reluctance will indicate that, she is not yet ready to kiss.

The question ‘how to kiss’ is answered simply when you start the beautiful experience in the right posture and position. If you are making the first move, then that will depend a lot on the positioning of your partner. It will determine how much you have to lean or the way you have to lean. Make use of your hand to urge your partner’s body or head. Do not forcibly hold any part of your partner’s body that may call for any discomfort for your partner.

Start with kissing gently, which effectively defines how to kiss. You should know that kisses are of different types from pecks to passionate smooching. However, there is always the appropriate time and place for all these. Start with a gentle kiss that should be romantic. At first start, do not press your mouth too hard against your partner, but only let the lips meet. After a soft and warm kiss, pull your head gently and give the sweetest smile. If you take another attempt, then kiss can be a passionate one and to feel the fire, you may close your eyes. The second one should be a little longer and firmer. Hence, the bottom line is to be as much polite and patient as possible.

Kisses can be of different types depending upon the mood and the situation you are in. If your approach is good and manner suitable, then you need no more tips on how to kiss.

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