How To Play Chess

Learn How to Play Chess like a Grandmaster!

How to play chess is an art, since it involves lots of practice and skill to brain-work the pawns craftily to dodge every single barrier posed by your opponent and reach the winning destination. Unlike the outdoor games, chess is all about sitting at one place with cool and composed brain, so as to outdo your competitor.

The game actually emerged in Southern Europe in the second half of the 15th century. However, chess had its roots in India and Persia. Gradually, it was spread to various parts of the world and today it is very popular with every intellectual person, who likes to judge his intelligence and not his mere luck. Played by millions round the globe, there are many tournaments held and many honorable prizes that bestow upon real honor to brain-power for the love of the game.

How to play chess – Knowing the names of the pawns in chess

To learn how to play chess, first know the names of the pawns

  • Rook
  • King
  • Queen
  • Bishop
  • Knight

Learning the nuances of how to play chess

Chess is a strategy-oriented game that requires the usage of proper planning, before taking your turn. You will appreciate its ‘no-luck’ quotient, since it depends totally upon the way you handle the game using your intelligence. Its real objective is to check mate your opponent and that too as quickly as possible. The slightest blunder can ruin the charm of the game and put you into losing risk.

Moving the pawns and attacking your opponent is everything that you have to learn in the game. All the pawns used in chess moves forward, except for the ‘queen’ and ‘king’. However, sometimes, another blocking piece may be in the front, which will deter the pawn from being moved forward. Remember that in how to play chess a pawn can attack a target if it is one space diagonally-forward from the pawn. The ‘Rooks’ move horizontally and vertically forward and backward, unless they are blocked. The best thing about ‘knights’ is that they can leap over other pawns and therefore you can make good use of them, only if you use them craftily. The only drawback of the ‘Bishops’ are that they can move diagonally and no other way. They follow the same footstep of ‘Rooks’ and attack, but unlike the “rooks’ they can move without limit.

The ‘Queen’ has the combined power of both the ‘Rooks’ and the ‘Bishops’. You can use this pawn to move horizontally, vertically and diagonally as many steps you want. The ‘King’ offers you the same functions, but it can move only one-step in any direction.

What is Checkmate in how to play chess?

In how to play chess, your only aim should be to keep your ‘King’ safe from the opponent. The king can be at risk of being captured when it is at check. Always try to eliminate the piece threatening your ‘king’. When you cannot save your king out of the tight situation of check, then it is known as checkmate in chess and that means you have lost the game.

Hence, these are some of the few rules of how to play chess and you should know them minutely, to make the right moves and to checkmate your opponent.

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