How To Make Paper

Learn How to Make Paper from Old Newspapers

How to make paper is a valuable question, since the answer to it can fetch you answers on reusing, reducing and recycling. Of all the three processes, recycling is the most common process, since it is widely used in most parts of the world. But by ‘recycling’ many think that it simply means tossing the scraps into the dustbins and then taking them to the nearest recycling center. But the recycling process should not be very complicated, instead it should be very simple like creating your own functional paper from the newspapers, letters and unwanted files. Then only you will be able to learn how to make paper.

Learn how to make paper by using own functional process

When selecting any paper from which you are learning how to make paper from notes, old print outs and phone books, then keep in mind the color of the paper. This is because when you are creating the paper, the color of the ink that you use on the paper will determine the grayness of your creation. Your next step should be to remove plastic, staples and other contaminants. This will keep your paper free from any impurities.

Then, the next step of ‘how to make paper’ would be to soak the paper in water for a day or two before you start creating paper out of it. Rip the paper in tiny bits and blend it into a blender. Also fill the blender with warm water and run the blender slowly at first. Continue this for 30 to 40 seconds, until there are no flakes of paper in it. Then fill the basin half with water and add paper paste to water. Then stir it properly to make a homogeneous paste. Then you add pulp to it, since that will determine the thickness of the paper. Make sure to remove the large clumps of paper from the whole content. Make sure that the mixture is clean and free from any clump.

The next step should be to add the paper ink. Then stir two teaspoons liquid starch in the pulp mix. The starch is helpful in preventing ink from soaking into the paper fibers. The next step is to immerse the frame into the mixture, but make sure that you place the wooden frame into the pulp with screen-side down in it. Do this until the pulp lies on top of the screen uniformly flat. Then remove frame from the basin and solve the thickness problem. Then lift the frame above water. You should wait until water has drained from the pulp. At the end, you will see new paper appearing, which is fresh and new. The last step of learning how to make paper is to let the paper dry so that you achieve a fresh, new paper.

Hence, once you learn how to make paper, then you are all on your own to customize paper the way you want.

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