How To Make A Toga

Learn How to Make a Toga for your Next Costume Party

Knowing the art of how to make a toga might sound strange but interesting enough. Among major cultural influences, one undeniable gift that the Romans passed down was their brilliant sense of comfort. They were the first to provide the concept of toga. The toga that seems to have been Etruscan in origin was the only garment worn by the ancient Romans as a mark of citizenship. These togas are suitable for both sexes but the style of wearing varies.

Simple steps on how to make a toga

Making a toga is quite possibly the easiest item of clothing you can think of. It is surprisingly simple and takes little more than a large piece of fabric. While many people assume that, the best way to make this classic roman outfit is using a sheet. However, remember it should only be made with a cloth from a fabric store. Here are some simple steps on how to make a toga helping you to indulge yourself in some toga related activities.

Learning how to make a toga is all about perfect selection of cloth and fabrics. The main item that you need in order to make toga is the selection of right cloth. Determine how long you want your toga to be and how much draping you desire. Based on that you calculate how much cloth you need to purchase. Once you select the fabric size, you should fold your clothes over at the seams and stitch the folded clothes together as that will let your fabric to stay nice and not fray over time.

Proper wrapping matters most in the process of learning how to make a toga. Learn the process of wrapping toga properly around your body. Try to get 4 or 5 yards of good quality piece of material so that you can wrap at least 1.5 times around your waist before you put the remaining portion over your shoulder. Then bring the fabric back the waist and tie it up with clip so that it drapes nicely over the front of your body.

Proper selection of undergarment matters most when you are taking the initiative of learning how to make a toga. You can wear whatever you want underneath your toga, but the most common choice is some sort of undergarment or traditional briefs. Furthermore, for the complete toga look, you can also accessorize your design with swords, various fancy jewelries, amulets and other additions, as this will give your outfit a perfect touch.

Be careful about the precautionary measures to be taken, when you are engaging yourself in the process of learning how to make a toga. Remember togas are much loose when compared to other clothing’s. Make sure that you put on safety pins securely. Never forget to apply your belt of choice over the toga to keep the wardrobe tightly attached to your body. Female versions of togas often use more belts to emphasize the figure.
So get yourself ready to perform toga related activities, to exchange goods around forums and lounge around sipping wine, delving deep into the basic art of learning how to make toga.

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