Herb Flavored Vinegar

How to Make Herb Flavored Vinegar

Eating a salad with herb flavored vinegar is absolutely delicious. It’s very simple to make,
but requires a little patience. Once you have combined all the ingredients, the oil must cure for two weeks.


1 cup of fresh herbs: sage, thyme, and rosemary.

1 mason jar.

1 decorative bottle with a cork.

16 ounces of either white or cider vinegar.

3 peeled shallots.

1. Place the herbs in a mortar and lightly crush with a pestle or place them on a cutting board
and crush with the edge of a spatula.

2. Place ingredients in a mason jar.

3. Slightly heat 16 ounces of vinegar in a glass pot until warm.

4. Pour the vinegar over the herbs and tightly seal the jar.

5. Place the jar in a sunny window for two weeks.

6. Shake the jar daily and taste from time to time. If the vinegar needs a little more flavor,
add some more herbs and let the jar sit a little longer.

7. Once the vinegar has reached the desired flavor, filter it through a straining cloth.

8. Pour the vinegar into a decorative bottle. Add fresh herbs for decoration and additional flavor.

9. Seal the bottle. Tie the neck of the decorative bottle with raffia for an added decorative

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