Learn of the man behind the music reviews

You might be wondering who is this guy reviewing CD’s and why should I listen to his opinion?

Well, here you go… The name on my birth certificate reads Greg Gallagher, but known now only
as Red. I was born January 21, 1963 in a minuscule town called Coaldale, PA. Luckily, my parents moved us to North
Brunswick, NJ when I was just 5 months old and I was raised and lived there for the next 34 years. I now reside
in San Francisco, CA.

Well, enough of that stuff you could care less about. From the moment I purchased my first 45
rpm record, “Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) by John Fred & His Playboy Band in 1967 (remember that one),
I knew music would be a staple in my life forever. Since then, I’ve amassed over 3,500 records and over 1,500 CD’s,
subscribed to Billboard magazine and have been a chart watcher since 1975.

Still you may ask, why in the heck should I listen to what Red has to say? My answer to that
is, you don’t. I’ve gotten myself into this purely for my sheer passion for music. I feel a great many CD’s are
for some reason or another overlooked or not promoted heavily by their record labels. Thus, I am inspired to help
other genuine music fans find these “lost classics”.

Much of the material I will review fits that mold, but I won’t leave out new, soon to be classics
either. I am also hoping to retrieve feedback from all of you, too. Please feel free to let me know how YOU feel
about my choices and definitely inform me of any new music or classics you come across worthy of a listen or review.
I can be reached at this e-mail address.

As all good critics, I’ll be using a ratings system to give you an idea how
CD’s rank as compared to each other. Seeing as this is a mountain we’re on, I’ll use the Rock
as described here:

for those dedicated to the artist.

Good enough to buy on sale or get as a gift.

You’re missing some good stuff.

Excellent, buy it NOW!

This is a classic!

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks a bunch for “hitting” Red’s CD Music Review.




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