Learn How to Play Guitars with These Easy Tips

So, you want to learn how to play guitar, do you? Success depends on only three things – practice, practice, and practice. But it’s the perfect practice that leads to perfection in playing.

It’s for this reason that learning how to practice effectively is the key to learning how to play the guitar most successfully. It’s important to develop some good practice habits right from the very beginning. And you’ll want a few things on hand to make practice go as smoothly as possible.

For many people, how to play guitar to the best of their ability depends upon the picks used. Picks come in several different sizes, from extra thin to extra thick. Have several sizes on hand to experiment with, find out which is most comfortable for you.

Some people can play guitar by ear, without learning how to read music, but this trait is rather rare. For the rest of us, how to play guitar, or any musical instrument, means we’ll have to know at least a little bit about reading music. You’ll want some sheet music to get the most out of your practice sessions but choose simple tunes in the beginning. Start slow with them, become comfortable playing them faster until you reach the correct tempo, and graduate to more complicated pieces as your knowledge and comfort level advance.

It’s impossible to learn how to play guitar effectively with a guitar that’s out of tune. It’s important to have a tuner for your practice sessions and to use it often.

Sometimes playing a guitar sounds different than hearing a recording of how to play guitar, especially when it’s you on the recording. If it’s at all possible, record your practice sessions. You’ll be so focused on the mechanics of playing that it’s likely you’ll miss some of the errors (and some of the really good stuff) that you’ll catch when simply listening to your music played back later.

And don’t get discouraged when strings break when learning how to play guitar. Keep plenty of extra strings on hand so you can get the full benefit from a practice session.

Another good idea is to get yourself a “how to play guitar” handbook that identifies for you all the parts of the guitar and introduces you to the basics of picking, tuning, and chords. This is an excellent option especially for guitar buffs learning on their own.

Don’t let the pain of tender fingers stop you from learning how to play guitar, either. It takes practice to make perfect but it also takes practice to build up some calluses on the fingertips that will make playing less painful and more perfect. Don’t play until your fingers bleed either. That’ll just prolong the time until the next practice session. Start in short sessions and add time as your fingers build strength.

And don’t be discouraged about how much time it takes to learn how to play guitar. The professionals approach practice like the rest of us do our jobs. After all, the guitar is their job and they devote many hours every day, as many as ten or more hours, to perfecting their art.

Learning how to play guitar should be pleasant and rewarding. Start with an inexpensive guitar and short sessions and work up to perfection. Two of the most important elements to excellent guitar playing are the desire and the determination to do so. And practice, practice, practice.

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