Music Review: Just Jay – Through My Eyes

I have been called upon to review the debut effort from the three man, one woman New Jersey band,
Just Jay, titled “Through My Eyes”. Upon listening to it the initial time, I had to stop and check the
disc, as I thought it might be an old Journey album I was not aware of. Then I realized it was “Just”
lead vocalist Jason Gonzalez’s uncanny resemblance to Steve Perry.

Throughout the CD you find yourself in non-belief it’s not the once unique Mr. Perry. The songs
are very ’80’s retro pop rock a la Survivor, Saga and the aforementioned Journey.

There is good writing here, beginning with the leadoff track “Starting Over Again.”

Other noteworthy highlights include the subtle, but catchy “The Groove Song” and the innovative “Hear

Jason Gonzalez provides the vast majority of the personality and makeup of the band, perhaps
doing too much, as Production could use some tweaking along the way. Trends in music have been said to run in 20
year cycles, which could only benefit Just Jay with the year 2000 here. Be sure to visit the Just Jay Web site for more information on this new band.

Thank you Jason, Theresa and the rest of Just Jay for giving me the opportunity to listen and
review your work. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of making it big!

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Just Jay - Through My Eyes

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