How To Tune A Guitar

Guitar Out of Tune? Learn How to Tune a Guitar!

Learning guitar is fine, in fact excellent, but if someone asks you how to tune a guitar, your expression will be that of a frustrating one. Yes, it is true that tuning a guitar is quite a pathetic job, and if you are a well known guitarist you will have to learn how to tune a guitar. Before performing on the stage, a guitarist must always tune his guitar if he doesn’t want to encounter any sort of embarrassment in the middle of his performance. So, if you are a guitar enthusiast, take the help of the following steps to know how to tune a guitar.

While you pick up the guitar every time, you need to tune it repeatedly. It has been observed that the cheaper guitars go quickly out of tune. So you make sure that you tune your guitar every time you pick it to perform. The best way to check the tuning is when you are practicing with it. The more you play the more your guitar tends to go out of tune. So have a regular check on your guitar.

As far as the duration of the guitar tuning is concerned, it may take about five minutes or more at first. However, it is true that if you get familiar in tuning, then it will take hardly a few seconds to tune your guitar. Therefore, be patient and learn how to tune a guitar.

When you will begin to tune the instrument, you will require a reference pitch from some other source. The sources may include a piano, a tuning fork, another guitar etc. When you will find the source for this original pitch then you can easily tune the guitar with the help of that one note. If possible, take the help of an audio track so that the note matches perfectly. This will help you a lot in knowing how to tune a guitar.

Now, if you want to excel in playing guitars, you must always carry with you a well-tuned one. For the electric guitarists, the job is quite easy. However, if you are playing a six stringed one, then you must be well-know of its tuning method. Here are some of the steps that will help you to learn how to tune a guitar with six strings:

  • You need to know the note played by each string on the guitar
  • Which tuning keys have correspondence with which strings
  • Place the guitar on your lap so that you can play comfortably
  • Listen very carefully to an E note
  • The D string is to be tuned to the fifth fretted A string

If you love playing guitar, you must also learn how to tune a guitar.

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