Music Review: Fleetwood Mac – The Dance

Why I haven’t reviewed this refreshing gem yet is beyond me. Maybe because it’s sold over 4 million copies in the
U.S., but clearly it has not reached it’s full potential.

Sure, you might say, “I already have the entire Fleetwood Mac catalog in my collection.
Why would I need some recycled work as well?” On contrar my friends! This resurgent ’97 effort speaks volumes
as to why “The Mac” has been one of the most endearing acts of our lives.

Loaded with 13 classics and 4 new compositions, the entire disc is a highlight. For starters,
the leadoff track is the incomparable “The Chain” immediately followed by the vintage “Dreams.”
The versions of “I’m So Afraid” and “Silver Springs” make you instantly wonder why they weren’t
two of your original favorite Mac tunes. The effort is topped off by the USC Marching Band joining our heroes through
“Tusk” and “Don’t Stop” creating a feeling that says, “please disc, don’t end!”

The production is crisp and pure with a quiet rawness. Once you take one listen, you’ll agree
Stevie, Lindsay, Christine, John and Mick sound as if they were never apart for 10 years. Take my word for it,
if you have ever been a Fleetwood Mac fan and do not own “The Dance” yet, Shame On You! Get it now, you
will treasure it for an eternity. 4 ROCKS.



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Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

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