Music Review: Cool for August – Grand World

I know that it’s in the best interest of record companies to slowly develop new acts, but again
I can’t help to feel another one dropped the ball here. The 1997 debut release, “Grand World” by the
5-man band “Cool For August” is a traditional Rock ‘N Roll record with great song writing, solid instrumentation
and tremendous, tantalizing vocals.

After one spin, you’ll quickly realize that this unique sound and Gordon Vaughn’s scintillating
voice are pure kismet. If you happen to venture into Mainstream Rock radio, you may have heard the underplayed
hits, “Don’t Wanna Be Here,” “Trials,” and “Walk Away” (all incredible tunes). Other
highlights include the dark ballad “Big Night” and the building rocker “Hey You.”

This is another CD to enjoy at top volume. While I’m patiently awaiting “Cool For August’s”
sophomore set, I truly hope Warner Bros. helps take the act to the next level of stardom as they deserve. Pardon
the cliché, but “Grand World” will leave you “hot” for “Cool For August” in
any month of the year! 3 ROCKS.

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Cool For August - Grand World

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