Music Review: Collective Soul – Dosage

Considering there’s a very weak lineup of a first quarter release scheduled here so far in 1999,
“Dosage” by Collective Soul is just what the doctor ordered. It’s the fourth effort since their 1993
debut for this consistent 5-man rock band.

Front man Ed Roland’s vocals are solid as ever on this disc, which has a blend of radio friendly
songs and hard driving tracks. The CD already has two familiar tunes spinning at radio, the in-your-face, cranking
“Heavy” (a truly great song) and the movie cut, “Run” (not a bad tune either).

Other highlights include the harmonizing “Not The One” and the driven leadoff track,
“Tremble For My Beloved.” There are many extras involved here including the album cover, which will make
you take notice, lyrics are reprinted and most of all, let the disc continue playing for a minute or two past the
last listed track and you’ll receive a BONUS song. If you’ve found any of Collective Soul’s first 3 CD’s worthy,
you will absolutely not be disappointed here. 4 ROCKS

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Collective Soul - Dosage

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