Music Review: Candlebox – Happy Pills

The 90’s just has not seen very many mature hard rock bands, so I must tell everyone out there
about the latest Candlebox disc. Granted, if you’ve followed this group at all, and even I would attest to the
fact their second release “Lucy” didn’t hold a “candle” to their self-titled debut, their third,
“Happy Pills” is worthy of much higher accolades.

Leading off the disc is the song “10,000 Horses” with Kevin Martin’s seering vocals,
sometimes restrained, sometimes not, and lyrics of angst, but also of hope, the song is an instant classic. Equally,
“It’s Alright,” the initial radio release, should be near the top of everyone’s list of favorite songs
of 1998. These 2 recordings alone make this CD warrant your collection!

There are other highlights including the Zeppelinesque “Blinders” and the driven title
track. The guitar work and drumming are familiar, but this sound’s formula is the sum of all its parts. It will
be a CD that after a few spins will have you up and singing on that proverbial stage. Plus, who could resist a
disc whose “lyrics are reprinted by permission by Skinny White Butt Music.” “Happy Pills” gets
4 Rocks.
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Candlebox - Happy Pills

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