Music Review: Black Lab – Your Body Above Me

Back in late 1997, the debut release by the 3-man band, Black Lab, hit the airwaves and stores.
“Your Body Above Me” is loaded with dark and gloomy lyrics as lead singer Paul Durham’s haunting vocals
weave tales of failed and broken relationships.

The leadoff track and first radio single, “Wash It Away,” certainly fits the theme
of the disc and went Top 10 on both the Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock Tracks charts. On the minor second release,
“Time Ago,” they show us a toned down pop side. By far, the most riveting song is the desperate, driving
but enchanting “Thin White Lie.” Put that one on at top volume and it will grab you and take you away.

Other highlights include the upbeat “X-Ray” and the ballad “Ten Million Years.”
Overall, the band is tight with solid guitar work, good old fashioned drumming and forceful vocals. With proper
handling, Black Lab appear to have the formula to raise the bar into the mainstream for many years to come.
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Black Lab - Your Body Above Me

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