Check Your Roof – Free Guide & Tips for Roof Inspection

Sometimes it’s fun to neglect chores around the house. But if you neglect your roof, you’re
in for some serious problems and loads of expenses. Your roof takes a terrible beating from the sun, wind, and
rain. So take care of your poor roof and inspect it several times a year.

1. A good place to start is with the eaves. Look for dark spots that might indicate water buildup,
leaks, and wood rot. Look for holes where termites or carpenter bees have done damage.

2. Take one section on each side of your roof at a time. Use your binoculars and move upward
from each section of the eaves until you focus on the ridge line at the very top. Work your way around the house
using this same technique.

3. Inspect the drip edge and gutters. This is were many leaks will occur. Repair or replace gutters
when needed. Gutter leaks lead to problems from water getting inside your house at the foundation.

4. Periodically clear the gutters of debris with a trowel, working away from the downspouts.
Debris causes moisture to build up which corrodes the metal and rots wood. Flush the gutters with a garden hose.
Notice if there are pools of water accumulating in the gutters. This indicates sagging and should be repaired.

5. Caulk any leaky joints. Butyl caulk is recommended due to its excellent adhesion and resistance
to moisture.

6. Check soffits. They are on the underside of the gutter, so they do not get any sunlight which
causes excessive moisture.

7. Look for problems with the shingles. Replace any that are missing, split, or curled.

8. Check the flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights and other features that protrude from
the roof. These are metal pieces that prevent leaks at the joints between these features and the roof. Flashing
frequently comes loose or corrodes over a period of years.

9. When inspecting a roof, try not to walk or climb on it. Not only do you risk falling, but
you will damage roofing members.

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