How to Catch a Mouse

Eeeeeek, there’s a mouse in the house. Well don’t worry, you can safely
remove the little creatures from your home and return them to the great outdoors without any harm.

1. You will usually find them somewhere in the kitchen at night, no doubt looking for food.

2. Place an empty plastic garbage can (at least two feet high) or other suitable container under the pipes of your
kitchen sink.

3. Place a small amount of food (lettuce, cheese, etc.) into the garbage can. Do not put a bag in the can, just
leave it empty so they can’t climb out.

4. The mouse or mice will climb along the pipes above the garbage can and drop down into it. They don’t jump very
well, so they won’t be able to escape as long as they have nothing to climb up.

5. When you wake up in the morning, simply take the whole garbage can containing your new friends outside and set
them free.

6. It’s a good idea to take them at least a half mile away, so they don’t come back, and try not to release them
near other homes.

7. Take a good look at them when they are captured. They’re actually pretty cute and harmless.

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