How To Grow Weed

Learn How to Grow Weed From Start to Finsh

If you have a fetish for weed, then you will be interested to know how to grow weed. It takes patience and hard work to harvest the weeds as per your desire. If you are in a place like Amsterdam, you will definitely know a lot about weed. Growing weed will be more fascinating, in case you are really attracted to this intoxicant.

The North American continent is the best place for growing weed. Weed will grow even with the temperature not rising above 75 degrees. Marijuana plants require 8 hours of sunlight everyday. Therefore, the best time for plantation is late April or early May. Make sure that the marijuana is planted after the frost of the year is over.

Some essentials you must know before planting the seedlings

It is easy to learn how to grow weed, if you know the proper way to grow the weeds. It will be advisable to grow weed in the natural habitat, which is outside. Grass grows well outside, so it is best to grow marijuana outside if you want the best possible results. However, the seeds should be green and healthy, so they will grow to be good marijuana plants and will intoxicate you in the years to come.

Know the basics of how to grow weed

When you get started for growing marijuana, you must know that marijuana must be planted at least three feet apart. Do not get very greedy and plant the plants very close to each other, as this will lead to the growth of stunted plants; this is why it is important to learn how to grow weed in a proper way.

You have to water the plants when you are learning how to grow weed, but make sure you do not use too much water, as this will rot the roots. You need to detect if the soil is good; for this, you will have to add some worms to the soil. If you find that the worms are hanging around in the soil, you will know that the soil is good for growing marijuana. If the worms do not hang around, you will have to change the soil.

These are the basics if you want to know how to grow weed. If you get it right, you are bound to get a good harvest as gift.

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