Tips to Pamper Yourself and to Calm your Stressed Out Mind & Body

Chances are you don’t take care of yourself enough. How could you? There are only 24 hours
available in each day. You pack a lot of activity and responsibility into those hours, usually meeting someone
else’s demands. Be it your boss, your business, your kids, your lover, you always seem to come last. Well, it’s
about time you start taking care of yourself. It’s for your own good.


1. Take one whole day off and be totally alone. Don’t worry, you’ll be in good company.

2. During your free day, do your “thing,” whatever it is.

3. Do nothing. Do everything. As long as it’s totally your idea, it’s OK.

4. This step involves money. Either make some, spend some or save some, just for you. This isn’t
being greedy. It just helps you feel your power.

5. Later on you can give it away, burn it, keep it, whatever, it doesn’t really matter. As long
as the decision is yours, you’ll feel good.

6. Do one small thing to improve your health. Good health is some of the best pampering.

7. What is that one outrageous luxury you want? Whatever it is, start planning on having it and
take one small baby-step towards getting it. No matter how big or small that outrageous luxury is, the process
of planning is half the fun.

8. Just say NO! Learn to say “no” when the answer should be “no.” Stop heaping
more and more things on your plate just because you can’t say “no” to others.

9. Look good. Whatever looking good means to you. Stop doing something you’ve always done, start
doing something you’d thought you would never try.

10. Smell good. There’s not much in our environment we can totally control. How we smell happens
to be one we can.

11. Laugh! Really laugh! It feels good. Do we really want to be so serious ALL the time? Lighten
up on yourself and others.

12. Be your own best friend. Why? Because best friends can be so forgiving.

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