How To Shave

Learn How To Shave For the First Time

Shaving falls under the daily routine of a man and therefore it is very important for him to learn how to shave to look fresh and clean. Shaving determines the appearance of a person and gives an idea about that person. When you shave, you look much younger and groomed. However, as far as the function of shaving is concerned, it exfoliates the skin, thus helping you get rid of dead cells.

How to shave – Basic things that you need for shaving

Prior to learning how to shave, you must gather those basic things that are required to achieve a clean shaving. Primarily you need a razor, but the type of razor you choose completely depends upon your skin quality and the density of hair growth on your chin. There are two types of razors – the manual razor and the electric razors. The electric razors are easy to use, since you just have to rotate it round your chin. However, you can go for single, double and triple blade. The more blades you choose the better shaving you get. Along with this, you also need warm water, shaving cream and a mirror.

The Steps you should follow to learn how to shave

The following discussion is important to learn how to shave. Your shaving technique will completely depend upon the density of hair growth on your chin. If you are wearing a thick beard, then start by scissoring the long hairs. Then wash your face with warm water to exfoliate your skin. This will help to soften your beard and along with it, the water will help to lift up the beard a little and open the pores on the skin. Keep the shaving kit ready at hand, so that immediately after you wash your face with water, the hair does not grow dry and the becomes hard again. In case, you are using a disposable razor, then it is advisable to fill the basin with cold water and dip the razor in it to let it soak water.

Prior to applying the cream on the beard, put a little bit of shaving oil in your palm and rub it on your chin. This will enable the razor to glide smoothly across the skin. Remember that the choice of blade determines how smooth your shaving would be. More so, the coarseness of the beard and the skin texture also determines how well you are going to have your shaving. Initiate your shaving from one side of the face, but make sure that you often wash the razor in water to keep it from clogging. Also, tap the razor in the sink to ensure that the trimmed hairs are removed from the razor. After you are finished, rinse your face with warm water.

Hence, once you learn how to shave, then it becomes much easier for you to go for it. Try to change the blade from time to time and whenever you are shaving, verify the condition of your skin. Therefore, if you keep notice of these few things, then you will know how to shave and will surely improve your skin condition.

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