How To Pass A Drug Test

Got an Impending Drug Test? Learn How to Pass a Drug Test

The easiest way of how to pass a drug test, is by not taking the drug that you are being tested for. However, prior to knowing what you can do, you should know what a drug test is. It is the technical examination of the urine samples to determine whether your body has the presence or absence of drug.

Know the simple methods of how to pass a drug test

First, you have to know the detection period of the drug test. For instance, alcohol is detectable between 12 to 24 hours after consumption. On the other hand, strong drug like Marijuana stay for 2 to 3 days or for a prolonged period of 12 weeks. Hence, be late for the test as much as possible. Prior to taking the test, try to have plenty of water as much as possible. The positive result of water intake is that it will dilute the urine, thus making it a little difficult for getting reliable results.

While answering the question of how to pass a drug test, the best possible solution is taking the counter medicine like Tylenol. This medicine has the ability to interfere with the testing service, providing perplexed result. Nonetheless, be aware of the side effects that can be detrimental to your internal system. If the intake of cocaine is very high, then the best way to solve how to pass a drug test is by taking glasses of cranberry juices. You can dodge the rigidity of the test, by replacing your urine with synthetic urine and pass it to the pathology laboratory. However, make sure that the urine is kept within the recommended temperature range between 94°-100°F.

How to pass a drug test – Some useful tips

Most of the people, who are eager to know how to pass a drug test, should be acquainted with the B complex vitamin, since that helps to give the urine a yellowish tinge. These Detox drinks are very useful in solving the problem – how to pass a drug test. Beware of the fact that Detox drinks do not always work. Nevertheless, if you are a heavy marijuana smoker, then you should avoid all sorts of Detox drinks or Tylenol, since that cannot change the THC stored in your fat. However, the market is also full of drinks that are useful in holding back your body from releasing the THC. Drug test may also involve simple saliva test and for the same make sure that you brush, floss and gargle with Listerine, prior to the test.

At the end of the day, remember that tampering with the drug test, is illegal and it is best not to consume any drug so that you do not require to undertake a drug test.

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