How To Remove Foreign Objects from the Eye

Have you ever had something in your eye that was bugging you and couldn’t get it out? Sure
you have. Be very careful, the eyes are very delicate and the utmost care must be excercised.


1. Wash your hands.

2. Twist a piece of tissue, moisten the tip with tap water (not saliva).

3. Gently try to touch the object with the tip of the tissue.

4. Carefully pass the tissue over the object, which should cling to the tissue.

If the foreign object is under the upper lid:

1. Have the person look down and pull the upper lid away from the eyeball by gently grabbing
the eyelashes.

2. Press a cotton-tipped swab down on the skin surface of the upper eyelid and pull the upper
eyelid up and toward the brow. The upper lid will invert.

3. Touch and remove the debris with the tip of the tissue.

4. Do nut rub the eye.

5. NEVER use tweezers or anything sharp to remove a foreign object. Doing so can scratch the



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