Help an Alcoholic – The Steps Required to Get an Alcoholic into Treatment.

Alcohol is arguably the most destructive drug mankind has ever seen. Alcoholism costs the
United States over $65 billion annually in lost productivity and health care. The funny thing is, alcohol is legal,
and a celebrated part of our culture. And do you know why? Because those producing and selling alcohol are making
big money, even though it is at the expense of millions of lives. An even funnier thing is, this country pretends
it wants to help. Consider all the programs (AA, Al-Anon, etc.) and rehab clinics.

The truth is, these programs DO NOT work. They do not want an alcoholic to quite drinking. There
is too much money at stake. A months stay at a rehab clinic costs about $10,000. What happens when that month is
over? Statistics show that the vast majority of patients will continue drinking within one week.

Alcoholism is a disease and it should be treated as such. There has been medication available
since the late 60\’s. The medication is called REVIA┬« (naltrexone hydrochloride), manufactured
by DuPont Pharmaceuticals. It was initially used as treatment for heroine addicts, but has recently been approved
by the FDA as treatment for alcoholism.

In a nutshell, this is how it works: REVIA blocks certain receptors in your brain that are responsible
for that “high” feeling one gets from drinking. With those receptors blocked, the alcohol has no effect.
When an alcoholic drinks and doesn\’t get drunk, they find that there is no reason to continue drinking. Chemistry
is beautiful.

The best part is, REVIA is not habit forming and has virtually no side affects for most people.
And, it will not make you vomit if you drink, such as other alcohol treatment medications like Disulfiram. All
you do is take one 50 mg pill every day.

If you or someone you know has an alcohol problem, you must try REVIA. It is available by prescription
only. Your doctor may have not even heard about it (for ‘some reason’, it’s been a secret), but insist that they prescribe some for you. It works!

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