How to Save Money for the Future

Although the US economy has been flourishing for quite some time now, it is still very difficult
to discipline yourself to put money aside for the future. This little tutorial is for those of you who are living
paycheck to paycheck and need some simple advice.

1. You need to put money into your company sponsored 401k plan. You have to be crazy not too, that
is if your company offers such a plan.

2. If you can’t put money into a 401k plan, starting with your next paycheck, take 10% of your
NET pay and put it into a mutual fund account. Or better yet, have the money automatically withdrawn from your
paycheck and placed into a mutual fund account. Look at these mutual
fund families.

3. On top of your mutual fund account, having some money in a savings account for emergencies
is always a good idea. Say your car breaks down, or it’s the middle of winter and your furnace goes on the fritz.
You can tap into your savings without touching money in accounts that should be left for retirement.

4. A good rule of thumb for emergency money is at least 2 months of your current income. Another
10% of your NET pay should go to your savings account until you acquire 2 months income.

5. Do not put too much money in a savings account. The interest gained in these type of accounts
is minimal compared to a good mutual fund. This is just for immediate emergencies where quick cash is needed.

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