Tips and Advice For The Successful Long-Term Investor

You can not argue that funds are very popular with the majority of investors,
but are they giving their money’s worth? Only if you pick the best of the best. And also if the investor keeps
the funds for the long term and doesn’t touch them unless something happens to the fund that gives out a danger

1. Review your portfolio. Most professional money managers claim that an investor should review their portfolio
once a year. The average investor tends to buy and sell at the wrong times. The solution would be to hold on for
the long haul.

2. You need a long term investment plan for retirement because social security will not be enough, neither will
pension plans. Choose investments with a level of risk that makes you feel comfortable and that are appropriate
for your long term goals.

3. There is a wealth generating power of stocks. It has been proven over time that stocks have been the winner
over anything else. Bonds and cash are used as a safe guard for most people, but they do not grow and only pay

4. You need patience and discipline to hold onto or add investments through down markets as well as up markets.

5. Remember to create a broadly diverse portfolio spreading risk over a variety of investments with asset allocation
and mutual funds.

6. Do not stop investing when you retire. You do not have to shift all your stock or stock funds into fixed-income
investments or even money market funds.

7. A balanced portfolio is still the better way. If you are over 65 years old, you should have at least 60% in
stocks and or stock mutual funds. Remember, you still have a good 20 more years to enjoy life.

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