Credit Score & Credit Ratings – Learn How you Can Build a High Credit Score

Once you’ve established a good credit rating, you’ll want to keep it that
way. Here’s how…
1. Be truthful when applying for credit.

2. Use credit only in amounts you can easily repay.3. Fulfill all the terms of the credit agreement.
4. Pay promptly. Obviously the most important way to keep your rating good. If you can’t pay
on time, see step #5.
5. Notify creditors immediately if you can’t meet the payments.

6. If you find yourself in trouble, contact the Consumer Credit Counseling Service. They are a non-profit organization with
offices throughout the United States. They will help you fix your credit, with only minimal fees. This is an excellent
service and is highly recommended.

7. Check out the Consumer Handbook to Consumer Credit Laws.


8. Visit this site provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

9. You should check your credit periodically to make certain there are no discrepancies.

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