Stuffed Christmas Tree – Warm your Home with Cozy Holiday Charm

This is a nice little Christmas tree that can be made for table top decorations. It can be
made as a gift or for use in your own home. The tree is easy to make, costs very little in material, and will last
for many Christmas seasons.


¾ of a yard of material of your choice.

One bag of polyester fiberfill.

Needle and thread.


Tree decoration – ribbon, small ornaments or bells.

Glue gun.

1. Make a pattern in the shape of a Christmas tree.

2. Fold the material in half, long ways, with the right sides of the material together. Then
fold the material, short ways, in equal sections of 1/3. This will give a material pile of six sections.

3. Place the pattern on the material and pin the pattern to the material.

4. Cut the pattern out along the edge.

5. Remove the pins and place the pattern aside.

6. Take two pieces of the cut out pattern and put two sides of the correct side of the material
together and pin. Follow this same procedure for the remainder of the material pieces. You will end up with three
separate pinned material pieces.

7. Begin sewing the tree panels together. Start from the bottom and sew upwards leaving a three
inch opening at the bottom. Follow this procedure for all three panels.

8. Once the panels are sewn together, turn them inside out.

9. Press, with an iron, the bottom edges inside, so that they form a complete tree. The edges
that were ironed in, will be stitched by hand once al the panels are sewn together.

10. Place all three panels together and pin. Make sure that they are even with each other.

11. Sew all three panels together starting from the bottom of the base of the tree sewing upward.

12. Now it’s time to stuff the tree. There are six open panels, at the bottom, which all need
to be stuffed with the fiberfill. A wooden spoon is a good tool to use in stuffing the panels.

13. Once a panel is stuffed, sew it by hand and close the opening. Follow this procedure for
all six panels.

14. Now that your tree is completed, decorate it in any fashion imaginable. Be creative!! Happy
tree trimming.



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