Learn How to Make a Fast and Easy Jingle Bell Wreath

This little Christmas jingle bell wreath can be used as a Christmas tree ornament,
a door knob ornament, or a wall hanging.


36 1/2″ Silver Jingle Bells

One piece of floral wire, measuring approximately 1′

Hot glue gun

Silk holly with berries

Needle-nose pliers

Silver ribbon with wire


1. Thread 36 jingle bells onto the wire.

2. Once all the bells have been threaded through the wire, twist the ends together, which will
close off the wreath. Use needle-nose pliers to twist the wire and secure the wreath.

3. Cut off any excess wire and tuck the twisted wire into the wreath.

4. Form a bow with the ribbon.

5. Separate three pieces of holly leaves and form the leaves into a circular display.

6. Glue the bow to one of the bells where the twisted ends meet. This will hide the twisted wire.

7. Glue the holly leaves on the bow and then the berries on the holly leaves.

8. If the jingle bell wreath is going to be used as an Christmas tree ornament or a wall ornament,
tie a small thin ribbon into the top of the wreath and form a loop for hanging.

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