How to Make a Potpourri Christmas Stocking

This is a very inexpensive craft that can be made for practically pennies. It’s
a nice gift to give to a friend at work or a neighbor. Just a little something to wish someone a Merry Christmas.
And what’s nice about this little stocking is that it comes with the scent of Christmas.


Two 6″ x 6″ pieces of white lace material.

Two 6″ x 6″ pieces of white tooling material.

Two Strips of off white boarder lace approximately 3 ½” x 1″ .

One Strand of silver floss measuring 1′.

½ cup or so of Christmas potpourri.

1. Place the two pieces of lace together with the correct sides facing each other.

2. Place the tooling on top of each of the wrong sides of the lace.

3. Place the pattern on the material and straight pin everything together with the exception
of the top and 1″ from the top of the sides of the stocking.

4. With a medium hot iron, iron down the top of the stocking about ½” on both stocking

5. Using the boarder lace, pin the wrong side of the lace to the edge of the top of the stocking
on each stocking panel.

6. Sew the boarder lace to the stocking panels.

7. Pin the sides of the stocking panels and sew the stocking panels together about a ¼”
from the edge.

8. Once the stocking is sewn together, cut out little “V” shapes at each stocking bend:
heel and toe.

9. Turn the stocking inside out.

10. Thread a full stand of silver floss. From the inside of the stocking, insert the needle outward
and then back into the stocking to form a loop.

11. Pull strands of the floss out of the inside of the stocking and knot the ends together.

12. Pull the floss out from the outside of the stocking. The length of the floss loop should
be about 5″.

13. Fill the stocking with Christmas scented potpourri.

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