Easy Step-by-Step Instructions to Make a Rustic Pot

If your home is in need of some rustic decor, here is a sure way to bring it right out. The
flower pot can be made on a small or large scale depending on where it will be displayed in the house. This is
a very simple craft to make and there are only a few items necessary to get started. The basic item is the wooden
twigs, which can be found in a backyard or nearby park .


Plastic pot.

Adhesive parcel tape.

1 piece of foam, which will be inserted into the pot.

25 to 50 pieces of wooden twigs measuring higher then the pot.

Glue gun.

Raffia (artificial hay).


1. Using the adhesive tape, completely cover the outer plastic pot. This will allow the wood to
adhere to the pot securely.


2. Insert the foam into the pot

3. With the glue gun, begin gluing the wooden twigs from top to bottom. Allow a minute or so for each twig to adhere
to the pot. Follow this process until the entire perimeter of the pot is covered with twigs.

4. With a few strands of raffia, wrap it around the pot about half way down.

5. Tie a neat bow.

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