How to Make Your Own Music Box

This is really a simple craft to make. A music box is a great gift at Christmas.
Although this is a simple concept, patients is important, as believe it or not, wrapping this little box can be
a little tricky. Okay, lets get started.


One box measuring approximately 4″x4″x4″.

Wrapping paper.




Music box mechanism.

Dritz large eyelet, gold

Glue gun.

1. Close and secure the bottom of the box.

2. Wrap the sides and bottom of the box, leaving the top unwrapped. Make sure that the seam of
the wrapping paper is in the center of one panel of the box’s side. This is important, the ribbon will cover the
seam and the tape. You do not want the seam or tape visible.

3. Unscrew the crank from the music box mechanism.

4. Insert the mechanism inside the open end of the box and position the mechanism in the bottom

5. Using the side of the mechanism with the screw protruding outward, push the mechanism into
the box to mark the spot where a hole will need to be made. You should be able to see the indentation on the outside
of the box. Once you have marked the spot, remove the music box mechanism.

6. Using a sharp tipped object, like a pen point, push a hole into the marked spot on the box.
Do this from the outside, so the cardboard and wrapping paper push inward into the box.

7. With the glue gun, put a good amount of glue on the flat side of the music box mechanism where
the screw is protruding.

8. Glue the mechanism on the box with the screw protruding outward from the hole.

9. Stuff the box with newspapers to secure the mechanism and give the box some density.

10. Finish wrapping the box and decorate with ribbon and bow.

11. With the glue gun, put a small amount of glue on the eyelet and glue it to the box around
the screw mechanism.

12. Screw the crank into the threads of the music box mechanism.

13. Make sure when you give them as presents, the recipient doesn’t open the box. It’s for display,
and music.

14. That’s all there is to it. Practice makes perfect, so again, be patient!!

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