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To set the picture of a vacation or family event in the frame of your memory, you should know how to video. It may be that you know the art of shooting a video. Perfection is the yardstick to assess your video shooting skills. If you find video footage and quality to your dissatisfaction after shooting an event, you will repent your incompetence in video shooting.

A grasp over a set of basic shooting skills teaches you how to video properly. It does not require you to learn directorial skills or complex cinematography. However, you should nurture a fundamental idea of what makes it easy to shoot a good video. Here is a look at some tips and techniques regarding how to video.


Of all the techniques, you should learn first how light does influence a video shoot to know how to video properly. Poor lighting is the bane of impressive and innovative videos. There should be a source of light behind you throwing light on the object when you shoot. A good option is to shoot in the sun. The backlight feature of your camera tops all options.

Avoid Too Much Zooming In and Out

Most of camcorders feature a super 1000X zoom in and out option. These videos keep on zooming in and out at the time of shooting that ultimately adds to your headache. Use the option sparingly, slowly and restrict its use in between two scenes. A slow and well-regulated zoom is more professional in function.

Steady Hold of Camera

The hold of your hand on a camcorder should be stiff and steady while shooting a video. Are you sure that your hands do not tend to tremble when you shoot videos? It is a common fact that too much vibration of your hands affects the video footage quality. An easy way to avoid this problem and know how to video is to use a steady tripod stand or stoop down on the knees while shooting.

The End and the Beginning

Using the ending of a story at the beginning of a video is another trick and technique of video shooting. Video experts follow this norm all the time. While shooting a wedding occasion, you can begin taking an interview of a couple who live a conjugal married life on the day of wedding. Then, you can edit it to get some scenes before marriage.

Short Video Clips

Never shoot long is the principal that makes you much of a video maker. To make short video clips that do not bore rather interest the audience is a technique that you should learn to know how to video. It is highly effective to use a series of short clips of five to ten seconds.

Knowing the art of video shooting you can confine the memorable moments that fleet with the passing of time into the cage of your mind. A good video of those moments revives and enlivens the past in the present. You can understand how much important it is to know or learn how to video.

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