Easter Hat decoration – a Fun and Easy Craft for Kids.

Easter is a time for prayer and celebration. It’s also a time to rejoice for the
coming of spring. To help you celebrate, decorate your home’s front door with this very cute Easter hat.


1 Straw hat.

12 Multi colored plastic Easter eggs.

2 Feet of ribbon.

Easter basket grass.


1. With a glue gun, glue the Easter basket grass all around the base of the hat.

2. Glue the plastic eggs on top of the Easter basket grass. Be sure to glue the eggs in various

3. Form a bow and glue it on the bottom of the hat.

4. Hang the Easter hat on the front door.

5. Use your imagination and decorate the hat with other Easter and/or spring items like flowers,
bunnies or any type of decoration that fits the theme.


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