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Learn How to Draw Naruto

Do you know who Naruto is and how to draw Naruto? Naruto is a popular Japanese anime character on the Cartoon Network, and is one of the favorite cartoon figures for children. He is quite a lively character who is known for his swift jumps and ninja like appearance. Nowadays kids are more fascinated towards ninjas. They would love to decorate their rooms with pictures of Naruto. However, for that at first they would have to learn how to draw Naruto.

In order to draw the Naruto characters you need to have the basic understanding and knowledge of certain drawing fundamentals. The Naruto characters are drawn in a Japanese anime style. Essential materials like paper, pencil, eraser, pen, marker and colored pencil are required for drawing Naruto. You need to have a look at the tips on how to draw Naruto:

Step 1

Start off with a face by drawing a circle. Then draw a rounded triangle shape at the bottom portion of the circle for the cheekbones and the chin.

Step 2

Draw the facial features that are very important to judge the skill of your drawing. Remember that the eyes of the anime character are usually large and oval shaped. The eyes too differ depending on the sex or the character. Always simplify the noses to a single line and make the mouth size small.

Step 3

Practice on the basic shapes, and draw till the time the proportions and the posture seem correct to you. If you are going for a figure drawing, it may seem a bit difficult for you as it needs good study and thorough practice. Try to give the figures a realistic look.

Step 4

Try to draw hair in the anime style. Remember, a hair is drawn in strands, or clumps. Now, when you have succeeded to draw the hair add shading between them.

Step 5

When you have completed drawing the figure, just add clothing to it. Be very careful while applying fabric, especially to the weight and fold of the fabric.

Few tips on how to draw Naruto

Start your drawing with a light sketch, and then darken it up at the end
Search for pictures of Naruto that will help you to draw
Always take a clean paper, a sharp pencil and an eraser for drawing

Encourage yourself to learn how to draw Naruto and furnish your room with Naruto pictures.


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